Our Approach

At Excellenz Tutoring we believe every student is capable of achieving academic success, given adequate tutoring and guidance. We equally believe that learning and academic success lead to individual and societal success. A student who does well in his/her studies stands a good chance of gaining fulfilling employment and able to make optimal contributions to society. Without tutoring help, students in academic difficulty may not be so successful in their studies, and such students may only contribute little to the economy.
Our approach is based on a number of steps that ensure accurate evaluation of students and delivery of best tutoring service.

A student or parent contacts Excellenz Tutoring by phone, email or by visiting our location. An education consultant sits with you, gather all necessary details from you and provides you information regarding your enquiries. In-home consultation is also possible if a parent or student invites us to their house. Parent or student can then express an informed interest in one or more of our programs.

One of our educational consultants assesses the student based on his current academic standing, using the student’s academic report where available. We evaluate based on the latest school report because we do believe the teacher’s assessment is a very good measure of the student academic standing. Therefore, we do not think parent should pay extra for another assessment.

Students are placed in their program of choice at a level determined by our assessment of their academic standing. Students can expect to learn new ways of learning and smart ways of studying.

High-quality one-on-one tutoring begins following enrollment in one of our programs. We provide first-class tutoring to all students of all grade levels. Our tutors are able to adapt to the learning style of each individual student, so each student has a great learning experience that is unique and different from group and classroom learning environments.

Regular Feedback
We provide regular and on-going feedback to our students and parents to keep them on track. This way, both parents and students can clearly see that progress is being made.

Guaranteed Success
We strongly recommend that our students follow our prescribed study regimes in their respective programs. Students that put in the hard work and strong study ethic that we prescribe can be sure of guaranteed success. Excellenz Tutoring Tutoring does not condone students who are unwilling to put in the hard work needed for success.