Homework Help and Guidance

Many students struggle everyday with homework problems with nowhere to turn to for guidance. Many parents and households are equally stressed with homework during the school year. It is a common theme that a lot of parents face homework nightmare daily. While some parents are capable of helping their children with homework but lack adequate time to do so, others may not be so capable. That is where Excellenz Tutoring comes in. Excellenz Tutoring helps parents and students allay the homework nightmare. Excellenz Tutoring is able to provide personalized one-on-one guidance to students with their homework. We provide adequate guidance with homework and tutor students to a high-level understanding so they can complete their homework by themselves with confidence and ease.

Students can enroll for different number of hours a month according to their homework needs. They can meet with a tutor to get help with their homework on as-needed basis. Our dedicated tutors are on hand to guide students through their homework without compromising the integrity of homework. Therefore, students needing service in this area should not come with the expectation that our tutors will solve or do the homework for them. Instead we guide them through the homework and they will come out armed with the knowledge and understanding they need to successfully work through their homework.
Interested students using this service can also simultaneously enroll in our Core Program of Math and English (Reading, Writing and Comprehension). This Core Program keeps students ahead of the curve and on top of their game all the time. Students enrolled in the Core Program will soon realize they need much less help with homework, since the Core Program keeps them advanced so they can solve more difficult problems independently.

How the Homework Help and Guidance program works

Student enrolls in our Homework Help & Guidance program and meet a tutor once or twice a week to receive tutoring on their homework in any subject at any grade level. Students may also meet a tutor on as-needed basis; they only meet a tutor when they need help with a particular homework. However, we encourage such students to call our location in advance to book a time and to reserve a qualified tutor in the specific subject area.