Center One-on-One Tutoring

As a leading provider of high-quality one-on-one tutoring, Excellenz Tutoring provides personalized one-on-one tutoring to all categories of students in all subjects. Students meet with a tutor at a nearby local library, the location of which is based on mutual agreement between the student and the tutor. Students receive excellent personalized tutoring at affordable prices and they end up with significantly improved academic performance and grades. This program is meant for those who are either having some difficulty understanding materials or those who are already excelling, but want to consistently maintain their high grades. Either way, students enrolled in this program are sure to come out with significant understanding of course material, several smart learning styles, study techniques and test-taking strategies. Our program has helped several students improve their grades significantly, and we are confident every student enrolled in this program will see improved grades within a couple of weeks of starting the program.

We are able to offer this service in all subjects and all grade levels. Common subjects and courses include:

  • Kindergarten/Elementary: Math, English, French , Science and Social
  • Junior/High School: Science, Chemistry, Physics, Math, English, French and Social
  • University: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, Statistics, Economics, Engineering courses, etc.
  • Adult Learners: Math, English, French , Science, Chemistry, Physics, ESL, etc.

Students in French Immersion programs and ADHD students are also welcome to enroll in this service. Students can enroll in different programs that suit their needs, based on our assessment of their academic standing. Tutoring sessions can be once, twice or thrice a week, depending on need. Each session is 1.5-2 hours in length, unless otherwise arranged.