Educational Consultancy

Excellenz Tutoring provides educational consultancy services to international and Canadian students in areas such as admission, scholarships, housing and accommodation, entrance exams, study exchange programs and academic bridging and upgrading. Excellenz Tutoring works with several Universities, agencies, Public School Districts, and individual academic bridging program providers to ensure the needs of our clients are adequately met. Specifically, we cater to students in the following niche areas:

  • Admissions for qualified international students who wish to study in Canada at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Admissions for Canadians who wish to study abroad at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Academic bridging programs for international undergraduate students or Ordinary Level certificate holders who wish to attend bridging programs in Canada so they can later attend a Canadian University
  • Academic upgrading for international high school students who wish to complete their study in Canada
  • Settlement and integration services to assist new students in settling down comfortably in their new environment